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The Di6 Blueprint Formula is for anyone serious about getting approved as fast as humanly possible without sacrificing quality and academic integrity. We typically work with "Doctoral Candidates" who are writing or preparing to write Dissertations but are struggling with:
  Lack of Support: Your committee and/or your chair are leaving you to figure things out on your own. And because you likely have not gone through the process before you are not confident in what to do or how to do it.
  Endless Revisions: Because you have not gone through this process before and your chair is not supporting you, it is causing you to suffer through countless revisions without satisfactory progress.
  You’re Using Facebook Groups And Friends As “Expert” Advice: Look, I love a good Facebook celebratory post about someone else graduating, and the entertaining nature of another post about P1 vs P2 institutions but you can't use these types of groups and mediums to solve your specific dissertation problems. You need training and support that is specific to your current situation and from someone who has not only been there but has helped hundreds of others in the process.
 Everyone Around You Is Struggling With Their Dissertations: This isn't an ego thing, but you know you're the average of the 5 people you talk to the most, so what does that make you? It's hard to find people who have figured out the Dissertation process and know exactly what to do to finish in six months. That’s why 50% who start drop out (one of the reasons we are sharing this Blueprint in the first place).
  Poor Work-Life Balance: While your dissertation is important to you, your family is most important. The problem is that your dissertation is interfering with your most important relationships and responsibilities.
  You are running out of time and money to keep going: The best (and most successful) doctoral learners in the world are able to identify and address their areas of deficiency. In other words, they know what they don’t know and they find people to help. If you’ve bought into the lie that you should be able to figure out on your own, you may be in trouble.
  Lack Of Motivation: You’ve been working on your dissertation for too long, and oftentimes find yourself asking if it’s worth the hell you’re going through which causes you to put it off for extended periods of time
 Poor Relationships: Your relationships are suffering. You want to be more present to the people you love but you also want to finish your dissertation. Sometimes you aren’t sure how you can do and have both.

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